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  Posted Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 10:44am by Zen Recreations

The Montenegro Calendar of Fun

Year ‘round, the natives of Montenegro work play hard to enjoy everything! As the Montenegrin search for a great time is pretty constant, perhaps the French phrase “joie de vivre” could be best translated as “Montenegro, any time and all the time”. This little seaside country serves up a full-time joy for life at every turn:

Food: How about “tasty and amazing food influenced by cultures North, South East and West?” Step out for food in any town and you’ll find something different and delicious.

Scenery: Well, that’s built in – and amazing! Ancient cities, modern amenities, mountains, enormous parklands, beaches, rivers… all here, all fantastic. From some spots you can see all those things at the same time!Beer and wine: Beer is more than a hobby here (it’s a way of life) and given that the land and climate are *perfect* for viniculture, wine holds center stage quite often as well.

The Festivals of Montenegro

An “always on” good time Montenegrin atmosphere uses all the local tourist-friendly assets and serves up delights all the time – but especially at festivals! (Beer, food, wine, scenery and friendly people *plus* music, art, shows and gatherings = full time awesomeness for locals and tourists alike!)

Festivals of one sort or another attract communities of fans from far and wide and every month has something interesting going on. But some months have nearly as many festivals as there are days!

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