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  Posted Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 6:52pm by Darren

Fifty days and nobody's counting

Fifty days and nobody’s counting

This is the time of year folks gather in gardens and along riverbanks in North Moravia for a special feast. It’s meant to mark Pentacost, the coming of the Holy Ghost 50 days after Easter, and the food is “Vayecheena”, literally scrambled eggs, which as every Beatles pundit knows was the working title of “Yesterday”. Easter is about hollowing out eggs and decorating the shells, Pentacost frying them up over an open fire. Whip up a dozen or so, add salt, bacon and chives, stir until the mixture reaches an agreeable texture, then consume on bread sliced from a fresh loaf. It’s supposed to be today, but a storm is lashing about outside. Sensing it would come to this, we did our fry-up last week when the day was gorgeous. Since the religious significance has gone out of the occasion, nobody counts the days anyway. 


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