Zen Recreations

Day 5

Rest and Relax

The Fifth- day is for relaxing, swimming or other activities, Divers can’t fly back home until after 24 hours after their last dive, depending on the depth and time spent underwater. The level of nitrogen caused by deep dives is high in the body during this period.

  • Single Dives: A minimum preflight surface interval of 12 hours is advised.
  • Repetitive Dives and Multi-day Dives: A minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours is desirable.
  • For Dives Requiring Decompression Stops: A minimum preflight surface interval greater than 18 hours is advised.

On our Diving trips, you are out of the water by 4 pm.  According to the above guidelines, you can safely fly as of 10 am the following day or later in the evening.  There is no wait needed to dive AFTER flying.

Departures to Zračna Luka Dubrovnik Airport or Tivat International Airport are arranged for participants who are flying on Day 6 after the Zen diving course.

Another option, enjoy Montenegro further with Zen Recreations. On day 6, with an early morning transfer to Podgorica where you join your group tour to begin another adventure with “7 days in Montenegro”.

As well as Recreational diving, participants on our highly popular course are often tasting the wonderful wines of Montenegro for the first time and wish to explore further. Zen Recreation offers a seven-day holiday which highlights the magnificent beaches, quaint traditional villages, and intriguing historical sites. There is the opportunity to experience breath-taking scenery and taste the delicious traditional cuisine (and match it with some superb native wine!). With a tour guide on all our coaches, you will see and understand the full glory, and excitement of this unique, beautiful land.

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