Zen Recreations

Day 4

9AM- 11AM

Viticulture and fruit production.


Matching Wine and Food
Comparison between various tastes and textures of wine and food
Hands on experience with wine and food

We begin the day’s activity in the vineyard 9AM- 11

After your Montenegrin breakfast at 9 am we return to Plantaze for today’s learning focused on the different wine types with our Premium line of wines!

You will be greeted by a specialist who will begin the day’s activity in the vineyard with an on-site demonstration of picking table grapes vs wine grapes, green pruning operation, irrigation, viticulture and fruit production.

Cellar ” Šipčanik”, matching wine with food 11AM-2,30PM

Matching Wine and Food – by the end of the day we hope the participant will understand some of the finer points required to understand the unique relationship between various tastes, textures aromas and flavors of wine and foods. Subsequently we hope our successful visitors acquire a rare confidence in recognizing and identifying different wines made from different grape varieties; and take their knowledge and skills to enhance both their work activities and social lives. Direct contact with the wine and food will be a challenge to your senses and feelings, both in the kitchen and tasting room.

We regroup at cellar ” Šipčanik” and indulge your finest senses in the basic concepts and techniques of wine-tasting with an introduction to technology in the production of the vinyard’s Premium line of wines accompanied with Plantaze’s gourmet snacks.

Through a better understanding of aromas and flavors in the world of wine we hope you will develop individual abilities to recognize different varieties of grape from the grapevine. The aim of this specific form of education method is to identify not only those flavors that usually perceive our senses of taste and smell, but also to describe them with adequate words in the right way.

The exercises you take part in will answer the questions:

  • What is a “wine”?
  •  What are the “techniques” of wine tasting?
  •  How do we perceive color?
  •  What can color say to us about the wine?
  • How can we describe color appropriately?
  • How should you appropriately sniff a glass of wine?
  • What are the descriptions of fruit flavors, vegetable, floral aromas in wine?
  • What is the acidity and sweetness, tannin and texture of the wine?
  • Pairing wine and food - what is it the right choice?
  • When does wine has flaws or faults? What are its virtues?
  • What are the standards for wine premium quality?


 2.30 PM

We proceed to Plantaze’s restaurant for a late lunch to partake the chef’s finest specialties.