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5-Day Summer Diving on the Adriatic – the Zen Way!

We’ve rounded up a tasty dive treat you won’t find on the average list – and this one is awesome for the whole group whether they’re diving or not! Divers get ready, though, as everything from total beginner snorkeling to the challenging SMS Franz Josef cruiser at 150 feet awaits you and your group.

Our group diving class size is for 7 adults, from June to September every week.

 If you are ready to travel with family, friends, school, organization, church or club, we have the knowledge and experience to help. If you can dream it,everything’s included: carefully selected hotels, transfers, guided touring, meals—if you want it, we can include it! choose your own dates! and ask us about special benefits for tour leaders!

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About the location

Our dive escape is based in the coastal town of Herceg Novi (“New Castle” in English), which sits in a scenic Adriatic bay in the north of Montenegro. (The bay is 350 miles east of Rome.) 

Plenty of seaside activities are available in this (very) historic location, founded around the Old Town and a 600-year-old seaside fortress, so everything from the very, very old to the brand spanking new is here and worth your shore-bound explorations.

This area is extremely charming and tourist-friendly but doesn’t get overloaded with travelers at all. Plus, Montenegro is a real money-saving area, with inexpensive little eateries around the promenade offering fresh local food, grilled seafood, meat dishes and international cuisine.

Awash with stunning ancient ruins, exceptional architecture and art, the town is easily explored on foot, but be ready for a few steep paths  along the way. The Old Town is well worth a visit with several intriguing places of interest like the historic walled town close to the Croatian border. The Old Town and Igalo boutiques have surprising finds, like reasonably priced and up-to-minute Italian fashions.

Founded in 1382 as a fortress town, Herceg Novi has been ruled over the centuries by the Ottoman Empire, Spain, and Venice, as well as more recently by Russia, France, and Austria. The result is an eclectic blend of architectural styles including everything from a neo-classical clock tower in the old town erected by the Austrians in the 1900’s to the Kanli Kula (“Blood Tower”), a 15th-century amphitheater built by the Turks that has been turned into a summer stage. 

Bring your family or friends, as group trips offer many advantages you’d miss when traveling alone. At the end of the day, everyone comes together to share their adventures. In addition to diving support, our local Customer Support services will help with your stay and recommend activities you and your group can enjoy.

We’ll exceed your expectations for all your recreational needs, no matter what you’re looking for!

Oooh! Important note for divers: Plan your Adriatic escape now for the summer months, as water temperatures are an idyllic 70+ Fahrenheit from mid-June through September. (Peak water temp happens in mid-July.)

Three days instructions and training by PADI  Federation, theory & training last 2 to 3 hours every day on the beach. Practice and training to dive last from 40 to 60 minutes every day near the beach. With a complete set of equipment such as wet suits, regulators, oxygen bottles, etc. During training, students will learn to handle the scuba equipment and gain basic knowledge about diving. This knowledge can be used to pass the final exam in English, supervised and organized by your instructors for category 1 Diver on the 3rd day with an underwater dive to a sunken boat 10 to 15 meters underwater.

  1. The fourth day for relaxing, swimming or other activities, and on the fifth day, divers can return home 24 hours after their last dive, depending on the depth and time spent underwater. The level of nitrogen caused by deep dives is high in the body during this period.

  2. Single Dives: A minimum preflight surface interval of 12 hours is advised.
  3. Repetitive Dives and /or Multi-day Dives: A minimum preflight surface interval of 18 hours is desirable.
  4. For Dives Requiring Decompression Stops: A minimum preflight surface interval greater than 18 hours is advised.
  5. Enjoy Montenegro further with Zen Recreations. As well as Recreational diving participants on our highly popular course are often tasting the wonderful country of Montenegro for the first time and wish to explore further. Zen Recreation offers a six-day holiday which highlights the magnificent beaches, quaint traditional villages, and intriguing historical sites. There is the opportunity to experience breath-taking scenery and taste the delicious traditional cuisine (and match it with some superb native wine!). With a tour guide on all our coaches, you will see and understand the full glory, and excitement of this unique, beautiful land.

  6. Learn more about our Montenegro tour…