Zen Recreations

Making Honey

Training course

Learn the ins and outs of beekeeping; how to maintain hives, feed bees and collect honey. We’ll teach you cost-saving methods such as how to build your own hives out of wood, which can reduce up to 70% of the costs of starting up your own apiary. You’ll also learn how to prepare Propolis (aka ‘bee glue’; a sealant made from bee resin) and delicious Medovina Honey Wine.

Living and Learning

Every year in July, we begin to welcome students to our amazing countryside apiary for retreats that last seven days at a time. Our training sessions are small and personal, with only five to seven people per group. We only run four training groups per year, so space is extremely limited. Make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

Whether it’s a fun hobby or a new career path, Zen Recreations sabbaticals will provide you with the valuable tools you need to get started on building your very own apiary. You’ll have many discoveries along the way as you create wonderful memories, stories and adventures to take back home. Located in scenic Montenegro, you’ll want to start packing your bags right away! Call 1 800 900 9176 oremail Zen and we can answer your specific questions.

Share your victories; If you have a success story, send us an email and we’ll pay you to publish it on our website alongside the many other testimonials. Send your tales and inquiries to experience@zenrecreations.com. Join our growing circle of friends today.