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  Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2022 at 7:30pm by Zen Recreations


Oaxaca City’s Magic Is Just Outside of Town surrounded by soaring mountains and artistic traditions. it is an attractive destination for visitors seeking language schools, colonial history, craft markets and art galleries.

All of these experiences are an easy day trip from the city organized by Zen Recreations with a daily treat of the best Oaxacan culinary delights.

There are as many as 150 weaving families in Teotitlán del Valle and Santa Ana del Valle, who pride themselves for using all natural dyes that vary greatly in quality and style.  The finest  work is is carried out by a far smaller number of families who create dyes from natural substances and use pure hand-spun wool. Nearly all of them work on shuttle looms operated with foot pedals and treadles, dating back to the 16th century when they were introduced by the Spaniards. These families are the focus of our tour, in contrast to the vast majority of families using chemical dyes and acrylic fibers introduced in the 1920s. These can be produced and processed far more rapidly and are less costly.


Learning more about the people behind the product and the labor of love that goes into their art, offers a fresh perspective and another reason to appreciate the dyes. One of the most beautiful colors is a  burgundy made with an “insecto de nopal” (an insect that you can find on a cactus plant) called cochineal.

 On our 3rd  day you can enjoy an unparalleled insider’s peek into the village traditions and art steeped in the ancient hills which surround the city of Oaxaca. Each village specialises in a specific craft. Get ready for an afternoon of walk and shopping as we make our way to Santo Tomas Jalieza, Ocotlan de Morelos and San Martin Tilcajete. This popular guided day trip is the best way for visitors to enjoy the region’s highlights in a short period of time. 

Today’s lunch is a very special  gastronomic eatery which offers the very best  of Oaxacan cuisine. Operated by famed carver Jacobo Angeles Ojeda and his wife Maria. The same owners of the Workshop of Jacobo and Maria Angeles with nice little shops all around the restaurant

Oaxaca, the culinary heart of Mexico, is no place to skip if you’re a foodie and looking for top-tier, best restaurants. Tacos, memelas, tlayudas, quesadillas, tejate, mole verde, mole rojo – the food in Oaxaca is vast and has the best reputation for a reason

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