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Perk up for an extra-special Christmas celebration, including a chance to tour for FREE! Claim your chance a free 8-day VIP tour of Montenegro, just by entering a contest.

If you’re looking for an amazing Christmas road trip, start right now!  (and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a completely free holiday travel package.)

Come celebrate the holidays with Zen and we’ll make this Christmas and New Years your best ever!


Users can enter by commenting on this post & clicking the ‘Pick a Winner button’.

Your comments can be answers to the 3 Questions below, or your own ;-)

Thank you so much for participating, please scroll down to read all the comments at the bottom of the page. Have fun!

1-When was the 1st constitution of Montenegro set up? Date-month-year.

2-When did the Catholic church officially become a part of the kingdom of Montenegro? Year

3-In which year did the Montenegrin army defeat the Turkish army? Year

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Here’s your 8 day tinerary

Dear lucky winner, Your comfort, safety, and happiness is Zen’s top priority from the moment you arrive in Podgorica  (Airport code TGD)  in Montenegro to the day of your return flight home. This is a FREE contest and anyone with a valid passport aged 20 years or more, confident of traveling, can enter to win. Of course, you may bring a companion or companions, but this person’s hotel cost, food, and tour will have to be paid for. We are always available to discuss your queries 7 days a week if you sign up and send us a note.

Book your flight asap on Dec 6 and send us your flight number and arrrval time at Podgorica airport (code TGD) on December 25-2018

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Arrival Dec 25-2018

Arrive safely in Podgorica International Airport serving Montenegro’s capital city. You receive prompt and courteous service from Zen’s Customer Support Manager on arrival and are escorted to your Hotel, settle in and enjoy your Christmas dinner on the house!

Day 2 Dec 26

We start our day with a hearty breakfast at the hotel, weather conditions notwithstanding, your tour will be seamless.          If you arrive early in the day a drive to the beautiful Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is recommended.It’s considered to be of, significant monumental, architectural and artistic value. Construction began in 1993 and lasted 20 years creating an interesting gallery of stone sculptures, frescoes, and mosaics dominated by the scene of the Resurrection of Christ to which it is dedicated. However if you arrive late in the evening this can be a stop on your way to the airport.

Introducing Lake Skadar  11 AM

Skadar lake offers an indescribable beauty with its overgrown coast, hidden bays, capes and unique islands.  On these islands, numerous monasteries, churches and holy monuments are situated. From archeological findings, Illyrian tribes ruled the Lake Skadar basin in the late fourth or early third century BC. The many fortifications on these islands, mostly built by the Turks and later on by the Montenegrin, stand witness to the wars fought between the two people. The lush vegetation, ancient chestnut forests and rocky islets which are covered with shrubs and pomegranates attract a range of wildlife almost without equal in Europe. A short presentation on the last asylum of Dalmatian pelican is not to be missed while observing cormorant colonies and as many as 270 species of birds which abound. For those who have a passion for bird watching and boating, a trip around the weir can be arranged as well.

Beginning at Vranjina and ending at Virpazar,  this truly enchanting experience allows for stunning views of the breathtaking landscapes, historical antiquities, and fishing villages.

Lunch on the Niagara 12.30 PM

After viewing the beautiful sights of nature and birds of the lake, we venture on to a hidden gem on the “road less traveled”, Montenegro’s own Niagara! Lunch on the banks of the river in a restaurant by the same name. Try their local house wine, rich and yummy, with delicious melted cheese as you unwind; enjoy the house specials: national and international dishes with a unique blend of traditional local finds. Try wild trout caught a couple meters upstream if you enjoy fish, goat milk yogurt, and woodstove pie - you will not be disappointed.

You can place your order, take a few moments to relax, take some deep breaths, still your mind and saunter over to the nearby falls. Open your inner vision now to a vast panorama of the river, the falls, and the huge vineyards. A beauty to drink in, dream over and carry home.

A bit about the Cijevna river: this mountain river originates in Albania on the northern side of the Prokletije mountains and has a total length of 65 km, of which 33 km are in Montenegro. It flows southwest and merges with the Morača river south of Podgorica. At a length of 25 km (15 km on Montenegrin territory) the river forms a breathtaking canyon, more than 1000 m deep.

Drive down to the coast, 3 PM

We head down to the coast you are free to explore and admire the ancient town, the sound of the sea lapping against the shore and enjoy a great night’s sleep after all that fresh sea breeze.

A day of walking and exploration awaits us in the morning as we make our way through Stari Grad.

Day 3 Dec 27

Walking tour of Stari Grad (old city) with a guide

Spectacular views of Budva Riviera

  • Explore the old town of Stari Grad
  • Experience an ancient Citadel,
  • Visit the ruins of an old 6th-century Basilica,
  • Church of the Holy Trinity and a Greek necropolis….
  • Lunch at 1 PM

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in your hotel, get ready for an afternoon of walking and shopping. We step back into the ancient past as we discover the Old Town of Budva, a unique architectural and urban city surrounded by medieval walls, its origins date back to the 5th century BC.  One wall of a Benedictine monastery built in 840AD (now the Church of Santa Maria in Punta) was erected as a protection from the sea. These town walls and the city were destroyed in the great earthquake of 1667, while the new walls were erected on the foundations of the old ones.

We take a walk around the museum in the Old Town, located in an early 19th-century building, to get a feel of this ancient city in modern times and the influence of Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Slavs in this region. Our next visit is to the Modern Gallery in the Old Town. Opened in 1972, It boasts a total of 218 drawings, aquarelles, engravings and sculptures, the best-known being the collection of Contemporary Expressionists.

A chance to walk in history as we make our way to a 9th century AD Citadel which was used to protect Budva from the sea. It is an excellent perch with views over the old town and the coast on either side. Admire intricate models of old sailing ships in its well-preserved maritime museum and an ancient library. There are many churches here of varying antiquity and your knowledgeable guide points out to you their significance in history.

We pass through the old narrow and ancient streets to a special lunch and then have the afternoon free to explore and soak up the wonderful ambiance of Budva.

Day 4 Dec 28


  • Monastery Ostrog, a miracle built by nature and human interaction,
  • Lipska cave
  • Lunch

On this, the fourth day of your holiday, we will be taking the “mountain road” as we travel to the Monastery of Ostrog. This is a guided tour and guests will have the opportunity to see the Monastery Ostrog, a miracle build by nature and human interactions, carved almost in its entirety in a vertical mountain cliff, from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Bjelopavlica valley. Today this is the pearl of Montenegrin spiritualism that is annually visited by more than a hundred thousand pilgrims of all religions from around the world.

The Monastery was founded by Vasilije, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina in the 17th century. He died there in 1671 and some years later he was glorified. His body is enshrined in a reliquary kept in the cave church, dedicated to the Presentation of the Mother of God. The Orthodox monastery of Ostrog is one of the most frequently visited on the Balkans and it is unique in the world because it is visited by believers from all parts of the world, and represents the meeting place of all confessions: the Orthodox, the Catholics, and the Muslims.

According to the stories of pilgrims, by praying by his body, many have been cured and helped in lessening the difficulties in their lives. It’s not unusual to find your life completely changed and turned around and an unexpected new feeling of inner peace of God’s care and love though one may be unconscious of a spiritual world so near. Together with the sacred water that flows constantly from the holy spring, there are billets and a gift shop which make for an unforgettable experience.

After visiting Monastery Ostrog we will have lunch in one of the restaurants at the foot of the monastery. For lunch, there is the traditional meal of lamb under the bell, “jagnjetina ispod saca”.

Lipska cave

Speleological Lipska cave, this cave has not known Magic like the caves in Harry Potter’s world; nevertheless, it would get the highest Harry Potter score. For it’s still a mysterious creation of nature worth the explorer’s inspection through 2.5 km of natural formations formed over centuries, attracting many travelers and writers like Lejard in 1839, and Pavel Rovinski in 1887 who wrote about the extraordinary speleothems. With temperatures between 8-12 degrees inside and an underground river, it’s a rare opportunity indeed!

We return back to the Hotel after an exhilarating walk through this natural wonder.

If the cave is closed for the holidays we will arrange and equally exciting adventure!

Day 5 Dec 29

Sights of Boka Bay and a delightful lunch cruise


  • St.Stefan island
  • Miločer park  
  • Lunch Cruise
  • Our Lady of the Rock

After a hearty breakfast at the hotel, we depart for Petrovac with a guide by coach, in the direction of Petrovac which is 18 km from Budva. We visit:

  • The picturesque seashore town of Petrovac;
  • St. Stefen Island (sometimes called Montenegro’s pretend paradise – uniquely tucked within medieval walls)
  • Walk through Milocer park (Fantastic Kings and Queens beaches)



Situated in a valley 18 km away from Budva, this is a little town with an old fortress castle, beautiful beaches, comfortable hotels and magnificent nature for walking and sightseeing. It is surrounded by hills entering the sea and separated from the sea by two glorious sandy beaches. It was built in Roman times and it is supposed that the town was one of the resting places on the Roman route up the Adriatic coast. It is also special for the islands of Katič and St. Nedjelja, which along with their natural beauty, present a challenge for those visitors who love diving. Together with all other natural beauties, the beach of Petrovac belongs to the protected regions in Montenegro.

Now let us introduce you to…

The island of St. Stefan

This is a tiny little island tucked inside medieval walls. You find yourself propelled into a world of the mythical and make-believe. Situated on a peninsula this former fishing village is a fine place to relax and get away from it all. The island became a hotel town 50 years ago where even the most famous people like to visit and spend their time, so keep that autograph book handy. St. Stefan - is an unusual and unique place not only on the Budva Riviera, but in the whole Mediterranean.

After an enjoyable walking tour through Miločer Park, we embark on our Lunch cruise of Boka Bay with a stop at Our Lady of the Rock and Kotor.

Our Lady of the Rock

We visit the traditional fishing village of Perast – the home of the first Montenegrin fishermen. Sleepy and baroque, the most beautiful buildings of this small village were built in the 17th and 18th centuries. Close to Perast are two islands – “Saint George” from the 12th century and “Our Lady of the Rock”, each with a picturesque chapel. According to legend, the island was created over the centuries by the seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding the icon of Madonna and Child on the rock in the sea on July 22, 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay. Over time, the Island gradually emerged from the sea. After visiting this beautiful island, let us introduce you to a UNESCO heritage city.


We walk with our tour guide from the cruise ship to this real treasure of the Mediterranean, the Old town of Kotor. Many see this little town as one of the most significant old towns in the entire Mediterranean. The medieval architecture and numerous monuments have put Kotor on the UNESCO list of the “World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sites”. You see the ancient walls, which stretch 4.5 kilometers directly above the city.

Throughout the city, there are historical landmarks, interwoven by winding streets and delightful squares. One of the most famous landmarks is the St.Tripun Cathedral. Built in the 12th century, it stands as a monument to Roman culture.

Kotor is rich in religious treasures and a paradise for those explorers of the culture and antiquity of Montenegro. You will find St. Luke’s Church (13th century), the Church of St. Anna (12th century), the Church of St. Mary (13th century), the Church of Our Lady of  Health (15th century), the Duke’s Palace (17th century), Napoleon’s Theatre (19th century), and the Maritime Museum.

We return to the hotel on the cruise ship at 6 PM and then enjoy a free evening.

Day 6 Dec 30

A day to explore Porto Montenegro and the Christmas Markets for souvenir shopping.

Day 7 Dec 31

There are may events during the day to choose from and enjoy Dinner the New Year’s celebration with dinner in the evening.

Day 8 January 1 2019

Departure Day


Up Up and away, transfer to the airport and home after 7 blissful days in a magical Bay.

Transfers to Podgorica airport are arranged.

Au revoir.  We hope your memories will bring you back again.

We hope you have a wonderful time, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, A New Year, a new beginning from all of us!.

Team Zen

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