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The Day of the Dead is Worth a Solid Week this Year!

The Day of the Dead is Worth a Solid Week this Year!

Party traveller? Fun seeker? Anthropologist in search of the most interesting human behavior on the planet? Prepare to book a full week of travel if at all feasible!

Friend, you might as well plan that much of a party trip because this year’s most fantastic holidays fall dead in the middle of the week (pun intended). Besides, what could be better than celebrating intensely on all three official los Días de los Muertos holiday days?? We’re not joking. You’ll need a day to get ready (of course) and you’ll definitely need time to recuperate!

The first day of Días de los Muertos

That adds up to a week, really, because the holidays start on October 31st (Tuesday) and officially run through Thursday, November 2nd (All Souls’ Day). There is no day off, either; it’s three solid days of Something Going On. You might as well schedule the weekends into the mix, too, right?

Keeping in mind that this particular holiday is not only associated with All Saints Day and All Souls Day but starts off with a dose of complete and total FUN on Halloween (“the day of the witch” in Mexico!), we insist that you cease to worry. (Halloween in Mexico is mainly a fun kid’s holiday, so roll with it, baby!)

Feast of All Saints

In all (fun) seriousness, if you want to inject good times into your Halloween-timed holiday, or you’re thinking about taking a holiday just because Halloween’s a good excuse, put anyplace with a large Hispanic population on your list—right now! While the Day of the Dead has historically been the day to honor all the Christians who have passed into heaven the holiday has, shall we say, “evolved.”

O, it’s still all about honoring the dead, but it’s also about honoring and celebrating life, too! Traditionally, as long as we all still happen to be standing upright and breathing, we should take a day (or three) out to be happy about it. No one will force you to be happy, but if you step off a plane and into a Dia de los Meurtos celebration you will have a hard time being bored. Someone might want to paint a skeleton on your face, or, y’know, something.


The feast of All Souls.

People dancing, parades, partying, eating, dancing some more and just plain being very, very much alive will be swirling all around you pretty much no matter where you happen to end up. (You’ll have to hide in a closet if you want to be sad and alone and frankly, there are no doubt circumstances in which a closet will not protect you from the fun. Consider that parades and big open-air parties are typically kind of noisy and add firecrackers to the mix… If you can imagine July 4th, Halloween and some world famous party-hound’s birthday mixed together, you’ll have the idea.)

Public squares, gardens and parks will be jammed full of costumed people making serious whoopee, and the happy-happy will spill over into pretty much every eatery, cantina, hotel, shop, side street, alley and path, too. Friendly reader, these few days are celebrations in every sense of the word! There is absolutely no embarrassment at the idea of partying hardy to celebrate your dearly departed Aunt Ida, and quite to the contrary, the Day of the Dead is meant to celebrate by doing precisely anything and everything that dear Auntie would, in her most alive moments, have liked to do, too!

Las fechas más importantes
The most important dates

October 31          Halloween in the USA, las día de las Brujas is “the day of the witches” in Mexico. Don’t be surprised if Day of the Dead celebrations break out at the same time! Kids will be shouting “queremos Halloween!” (“we want Halloween”), but adults will be starting the party early!

November 1       Día de Todos los Santos is just a great Spanish way to say All Saints Day. Perhaps a bit more sober, All Saints Day is still part of the party and a national holiday as well. All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead go hand-in-hand.

November 2       The Day of the Dead (los Días de los Muertos) is also known as All Souls Day (los Fieles Difuntos). This holiday is the true centerpiece of the holidays since it is on this day that one honors the dead. Altars are built to commemorate relatives, friends and loved ones who have passed on and the visitation of gravesites to remember the dead is commonplace. Celebrations are meant not only to remember the dead but to celebrate being alive on their behalf as well.

Get your party on, dress up, paint your face and be very much alive! Contact a Zen Recreations specialist today to figure out how to be part of the bus-busting party!

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