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Nestled in a valley and encircled by impressive mountains, Oaxaca is a beautiful colonial city that is as charming as it is culturally fascinating.


Cobblestone streets combine with brightly colored buildings that are lit by bright sunshine and blue skies over 300 days of the year, making this city a popular destination for photographers, writers, and artists, who get lost in its allure.

Let it be known, however, that Oaxaca is not merely a pretty face, it is also a culturally rich city, bursting with things to tickle the cultural senses. Sixteen different indigenous languages are spoken in the state and this cultural diversity is also reflected in the huge variety of textiles and handicrafts on offer in Oaxaca.  A plethora of villages dot the roads out of the city, each producing different handicrafts from pottery and weaving to carving and metal work. There is something for every taste and the artisans are proud to show visitors how they make their crafts; their incredible talent making their work seem effortless.

History buffs will be enthralled by the archeological sites that sit nestled on the edge of the city. Monte Alban, at over 1500 years old, is said to be one of the oldest Mesoamerican sites and is believed to have been the home of much of the gold that was exported to Europe upon the arrival of the Spanish. The ceremonial site of Mitla still boasts some of the original red-colored exteriors and stunning mosaic work not found at any other site in the Americas. Both speak fascinatingly of Oaxaca’s rich history. 

Last but certainly not least, is the food. Oaxaca is known as the gastronomic capital of Mexico and it certainly lives up to its reputation. Whether you are looking to sample the unpretentious yet exquisite flavors of Oaxaca’s street food or frequent the award-winning restaurants, the options are endless. Oaxaca is known for its seven-mole sauces and, in fact, there are far more than seven to enjoy. Contemporary chefs are taking the traditional techniques and ingredients of the state and reinventing them in new and exciting ways, making Oaxaca a true foodie heaven. And of course, when in Oaxaca one has to try the Mezcal, the liquor of the gods, which has seen its renaissance in the last few years, enticing visitors to ensure they have a bottle or two tucked away in their suitcase.


Oaxaca’s warm and vibrant charm will likely see you wanting to return just as soon as you leave.

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Oaxaca airport code- designated OAX has several direct flights daily.

Every week, at least 118 domestic flights and 9 international flights depart from Xoxocotlan Airport (OAX)

Aeromexico operates flights from  San Francisco to Oaxaca

 Continental Airlines flies non- stop 2.5 hrs from Houston Texas to Oaxaca

Flights from Hartford, Ct (BDL) to Oaxaca, Mexico (OAX)

 New York City (NYC) to Oaxaca (OAX)

 Minneapolis (MSP) to Oaxaca (OAX)

 Charlotte (CLT) to Oaxaca (OAX)

 Syracuse (SYR) to Oaxaca (OAX)

 Nashville (BNA) to Oaxaca (OAX)

United, Delta, Aeromexico, American.

Volaris takes you from Los Angeles (LAX) to Oaxaca (OAX) with cheap fares

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