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  Posted Monday, October 8, 2018 at 10:28am by Zen Recreations

Safe Travels for Silvered Seniors, because the fun and adventure doesn’t get old!

Safe Travels for Silvered Seniors

Taking off for parts unknown at the gray-haired stage of life is still a fun adventure and there is nothing to fear! It may be true that running, jumping for joy and endless flights of stairs are less enticing than they used to be, but there’s a very big world out there to see without resorting to a “bucket list” approach. Organizing  a  Multi-Generational holiday or traveling Alone with Your Grandchildren can be a Great Bonding Experience.

Think “safety in numbers” and go for it! (If you’ve decided that sitting at home gathering dust is more appealing than travel, well, we can’t help you there, granny.) If you think this article is going to talk about pouch belts under your pants to hide your passport, no, no, no; we have better things to discuss.

Zen Recreations is a fantastic solution for traveling at any age and we specialize in the safety-in-numbers approach. By the way, we’re all about the destination; we don’t cut off the fun to travel in herds. But we help with a number of things including locating solo travel deals (here you have the opportunity to share a room with someone who has similar interests), finding lower prices and looking for adventures and showing you the ropes.

Zen Recreations is not a tour bus with a uniformed guide at the front. We don’t say “and if you look out the left window you’ll see an old building.” (Well, sometimes, but not much because we have places to go and things to do!)

Traveling with a group irons out the bumps, so a planned itinerary and being in a group does have benefits, but we don’t hem in your day with a clip- board, checklist, loud whistle and a megaphone to herd you about.

Additionally, we’re there to perform some functions for you; getting around isn’t supposed to frighten you out of your pants and we make it easy. We go to places like Mexico and the Czech Republic to do and see some very cool stuff, whereas, without a group, you might not feel completely at ease leaving the States to go, well, anywhere by yourself these days.


Oaxaca, Baby!

Ever dreamed of south-of-the-border scenes full of cantinas, Mezcal and cervezas?Ay yi yi, let’s go! to the tour page

Although we don’t talk into our sleeves and wear wires in our ears, you can think of us as your personal Secret Service detail; we get you where you’re going painlessly and run interference for any issue from “the driver has a hangnail” to “foreign invaders picked today to overrun the city.” Sit back, relax, enjoy, chat with your neighbors, and we’ll handle all that gobbledegook post haste.

Relaxation – Czech style
A relaxing respite: Kick back, sip cold beer and watch a marmalade sunset…lets go to the tour page

What does a mother hen tour host do with a tour troupe in tow? Answers questions, clears up issues with “the locals”, makes sure the fun is actually interesting enough to get out of bed for, makes sure the bus has some gas (and that the driver is awake), and makes sure that at the end of the day you are safely back in your hotel.  A huge bit of what we do is make sure that the places we go and the things we do are not only seriously fun but are safe, in working order, reasonably priced for the value, and involve responsible locals.

Magic Montenegro
Exotic and history-soaked Balkan escapes ranging from wild mountains, canyons and rivers to cities full of blended modern and ancient culture.Tour page link

Zen Rec has been around the block a zillion times so for us the fear factor is very, very low and the fun factor is very, very high. As you might imagine, we aren’t in it to get a cut of whatever the local pickpockets steal…! We get benefits made out of fun (far better than our fees) and frankly, we know where to go so there *are* none of those folks; we just avoid all the trouble spots in the first place.

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“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” - Albert Einstein

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If you are ready to travel with family, friends,school, organization, church or club, we have the knowledge and experience to help.We can also personalize the trip to fit your needs and interests. Enjoy our carefully developed itineraries and our low negotiated rates. If you can dream it,everything’s included: Large or small, take advantage of our competitive prices. Carefully selected hotels, transfers, guided touring, meals— choose your own dates! We will send you a link for online reservations & payments to make it simple for everyone to book and pay for the trip, and ask us about special benefits for tour leaders!

Our preferred flight booking agent can find you the lowest fares for your flight contact us anytime! Facebook messenger with any questions you may have or Call +18009009176 Be sure to inquire in advance if you need help booking your flights.

Did you know we actually like to travel?? It’s entirely true. Travel is our plan for growing old precisely because the fun and adventure doesn’t get old!

Now, about keeping your passport safe…

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