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Montenegro's night life- Top Hill in the city of Budva

Budva  is one of the  safest cities in Montenegro to go out and enjoy the night. Not only is it incredibly safe, but it also features some fun locales where visitors can experience going out, European-style. Whether you are looking for a night making new friends or you are planning on relaxing with a glass of wine, Budva has the spots for you.

You’ll want to visit the Top Hill for a combination of relaxation and partying. This spot is popular for those who want to enjoy scintillating music with their friends or those who would like to hit the dance floor. Grab a cocktail from the bar and alternate hitting the dance floor and watching the spectacular effects from the tiered club floor. Entrance is 5 euros, drinks are not expensive - 3 to 5 euros each; if you wish to reserve a table be sure to contact Zen Recreations’ tour director to secure your place in advance.


For a funky and fun atmosphere, this club provides the perfect environment to relax and meet new people. Offering fun snacks and delicious drinks, a spot for young people to talk about what is going on in Budva and what to go see and do.

 The quality of music is key here, and you’ll find an eclectic crowd ready to have a good time and to enjoy the various DJs that Top Hill tends to bring in. It can be slightly intimidating because of the amount of men who tend to crowd the club, so you’ll want to go with a group of friends or some of your new Montenegrin and Zen Recreations tour acquaintances. It’s worth the expense and worth it if you love to hear new music and want to throw a party. Don’t be surprised to find angels floating above to ask yourself if you’ve had one too many, lol; from stunning visuals to gorgeous dancers in the dance shows, you’ve got it all at Top Hill in Budva Montenegro during the summer season! July to September. For taxi service you may prearrange your visit with Zen Recreations’ customer support.

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