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Montenegro_Festivals in February

February (1st week) St. Tryphon Festival – Kotor

A feast in honor of Kotor’s patron saint, the festival of St Tryphon is held in early February and has been a Kotor tradition for more than a thousand years.

According to tradition, a dedicated detachment of the Navy of Boka performs a special Kolo dance in front of the Cathedral, accompanied by bands from Kotor and Tivat. (The group is a folk dance troupe with ties going back to a medieval seafaring and defense organization.)



The Legend goes on to state that members of the Navy performed this special dance to honor the return of the remains of St. Tryphon to Kotor at the town harbor on January 13, 809.The relics of the saint were bought from Venetian merchants and returned home, establishing Kotor as a medieval center.

After Sunday mass, a procession is led by the band, reverently making their way through town. The entire population of Kotor joins in the march. The band, altar boys, nuns, priests, bishops and representatives of the civil and military authority– along with the relics of St. Tryphon – make their way back to the church.

February 14-24         Kotor Spring Carnival

The ancient town of Kotor jumps at the chance to celebrate the return of warmer temperatures by celebrating the Spring Carnival (also called the “festanje”) from February 14th through the 24th. This is a perfect chance to banish your winter blues with bright colors, music, masquerades, theatre and plenty of good local food and drink. The Carnival draws thousands of performers and party-goers from around the world with mask balls for children and adults, music, concerts, and theater plays; a ten-day-long party for the whole family!

     February. All of it!     Festival Mimoze – Herceg Novi, Tivat, Kotor

      “Mimosas Festival”

If the prospect of ten days of fun isn’t enough, fancy an enjoyable escape? For those looking to go with kids in tow consider that the Kotor Carnival and the Mimosas Festival all come together throughout the entire month of February! Pssst, doubles up as Valentine’s break.

This gigantic party has been soaking up more of February each year for more than three decades and is now a central tourist offering throughout the Herceg Novi area. Piles of fiestas and carnival events for kids and adults, plus a unique traveling caravan of mimosas are just some of the attractions and local gourmet treats.


Hercegnovski “Zimski Salon” – Herceg Novi

(Herceg Novi “Winter Salon”)

Pay a visit to the oldest Montenegrin art exhibition which opens to the public from February 1-2018 to March 1 at in the gallery Josip Bepo Benković. With fresh ideas from artists using different forms of expression and this year’s exhibits are from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, Faculty of Arts, University of Donja Gorica, Faculty of Visual Arts in Podgorica. In addition to them, professors from the Academy of Fine Arts from Belgrade, Kragujevac, Trebinje, Sarajevo, Prishtina, Zagreb and Nova Gorica will take part in the Salon at Herceg Novi. The show will include paintings, graphics, drawings, sculptures, installations, video work and film that gives the salon an exotic feel and a lovely opportunity to get an impression of the current movements on the art scene of the region through the works of various artists, their expressions, and techniques.

Salon Zimski 2017


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