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  Posted Tuesday, July 25, 2017 at 3:38pm by Zen Recreations

Kotor City For Groups

Enchanted by the idea of a special European getaway? The best stopovers are the ones gaining popularity with experienced travelers and we have one for you: Montenegro is a country that’s equal parts convenient, affordable and quintessentially European. And of the many hidden gems there, this gem of Montenegro is the tiny city of Kotor.

This charming “hidden” city is a real treasure of the Adriatic! Thousands of years old and sheltered by beautiful mountains, the Old City is home to marinas and stunning water-side views, too. Charm, history, welcoming people and majestic scenery combine where ancient architecture meets modern conveniences along streets you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Homey and full of flavor, but just a short drive from beaches, awesome national parks, and cities.

Montenegro is getting popular for superb scenery, great travel bargains, a thriving art scene,  a real Unesco Jewel meandring down the cobbled streets and fantastic things to do, Kotor is your perfect place to call home base while you’re here.


 Somehow, as attractive as Kotor is, the city isn’t a crowded tourist crush. At least not yet…

You’ll find excellent food, superb local beer and wine flows endlessly, and plenty of atmosphere; enough to satisfy any group or romantic couples getaway.

Take in a meal in an open-air café here, and you could easily see castle towers, shops, cobbled streets and beautiful deep blue water, boats and mountains, all at once.

Whether your group is in search of family fun, a picturesque wedding or reunion or a company group getaway, you’ll find all the support and plenty of things to do right here in town.

There’s no shortage of shopping, culture, and nightlife.

Montenegro is a hub of shopping activity where even top Italian fashion lines can be had at a fantastic price.

The festival calendar is always full of things to do, with events of every kind sprinkled throughout the year.

To those in search of the nightlife, the party is open all night long! Both in Kotor and in the nearby city of Budva, the dance floor is ready. Party, then recover the next day surrounded by gorgeous scenery…

For family-friendly things to do, the water park isn’t far away, beaches beckon, and worthwhile day treks abound. Hiking, sightseeing, and places to play are everywhere like eye candy, ready to make an heirloom photo album to be remembered.

With all that Kotor has to offer, two things stand out above all the rest: Montenegrin hospitality and – O my! – the food!

Montenegro is splat in the middle of thousand-year-old trade routes from Europe to Asia and the food reflects this amazing mixture of everything! Italian, Greek, and other European flavors seem to have been tossed into a big pot of friendly culture, and all the best have risen to the top!

 Foodies: Everywhere you go the food is simply delicious, your hosts are always friendly, and, well, if you like taste bud treats, you’ll find superb beers, wines and food pairing in the Lake Skadar valley sitting in an ideal climate between the mountains and the sea.

Plantaže vineyards maintain a proud tradition of wine-growing excellence.The red vranac and white krstač grapes are not just famous throughout the former Yugoslav republics - the wines they produce are international award-winners in their own right. We’d be remiss no to mention a delight for the senses, the sea of waist-expanding desserts, too.

You may have heard of baklava for a scrumptious treat, but seek out some three-layered bajadera! Rich and decadent, this is the country’s favorite dessert, and it’s made in local versions everywhere. Scrumptious!

 So now you have to come to Kotor! Contact a Zen Recreations host via Whatsapp on your mobile www.zenrecreations.com or call 1 800 900 9176  and chat with us about your group travel requirements. We’re here to make sure you love every minute!


Then there is Dubrovnik on Day 6,a feast for more than just the eyes! There is much to experience from tracing the mighty city walls to exploring the scenes from the game of Thrones to the mesmerizing display of Adriatic underwater life in the Aquarium on the ground floor of the fortress. Then top it off with a 3min cable car ride,(130 kuna) and soar 1,361 feet to the top (778 m)  of Mount Srd at sunset, that departs from a lower station outside the Old Town. There is a cafe/bistro where you can have a drink or a bite while enjoying the views.

The entry fee for walking a1.2-mile stretch atop the city’s walls is 150 kuna (or $22.75), 50 kuna for children; it includes admission to St. Lawrence Fort, or Fort Lovrijenac, which lies outside the walls to the west. The 11th-century fortress, built on a rock and sometimes referred to as “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar,” occasionally hosts plays. It also makes for an outstanding perch in which to survey the Old Town.

If that worked up an appetite, grab a sidewalk table at Azur, on a back street in Old Town, where Darko and Vedran Perojevic, two brothers, cook “Croatian” cuisine, a marriage of pan-Asian fare with local ingredients, such as bowls of rich curry crammed with locally caught seafood. Dinner for two is about 450 kuna, without wine.

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