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  Posted Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 2:59pm by Zen Recreations

A geothermal wonderland worth traveling for

A perfectly balanced hot spring, in terms of temperature, volume and mineral content (low sulfur and odor). Five main springs of highly mineralized water heated underground by the earth’s molten core emanate naturally ever minute and thousands of gallons of this perfect  thermal water flows throughout the resort, forming the Tabacon River. The underground streams of the Tabacon River are enriched mineral water hot springs which are reputed to have a number of therapeutic benefits. Minerals transfer from the water to the skin and bloodstream via osmosis. Cultures all over the globe turn to natural mineral-rich waters to treat a wide array of concerns.  From sinus issues, muscle and joint pain to cosmetic (skin clarity, psoriasis). Soaking in hot springs increases your blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals. Sounds awesome so far, but wait—there’s more!


Balneotherapy is a form of therapeutic bathing where the restorative properties of water are used to heal and rejuvenate the body.

This geothermal wonderland with mineral-enriched waters that occur naturally from the towering  1657-m high conical andesitic stratovolcano is a magical place, a place where Water, Fire, Air, and Earth converge to treat its visitors to the exquisite pampering of Mother Nature’s embrace. Imagine a sublime blend of the active Arenal Volcano, the natural heat of the flowing  Hot Springs, the purity of the surrounding rainforest, and a delightful day soaking in the dramatic vistas in the relaxing hot springs.

Shangri-la Gardens an adults-only hideaway

 Arenal Volcano lies along a Volcanic chain with periodic major explosive eruptions, the last big explosion occurred on May 24, 2010, putting on quite a show for visitors to La Fortuna in Costa Rica. It isn’t quite asleep as yet, in 2012 Arenal Volcano revived a little, spewing columns of water vapor and gases into the air from the summit. Rest assured, towns, hotels and public trails are located at a safe distance from the volcano, perched on a ridge across the deep canyon of the Agua Caliente River, with the Arenal observatory nearby. Arenal hot springs with temperatures ranging from 72 ˚F to 103˚F and environments that vary from raging waterfalls to tranquil forest are one of Costa Rica’s most extraordinary sites, drawing thousands of visitors on Costa Rica tours every year. Zen Recreations’ luxurious 11 day escape into Central America’s bioclimatic natural reserves will introduce you to Costa Rica’s exotic and astonishing natural vegetation and wildlife as well as provide matchless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

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