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Montenegro_Festivals in April & May

Festivals in April and May

Montenegro’s spring festivals in April and May are full of energy and fun!

The days and nights resound with performances, music events and entertaining programs. Night clubs even post go-go dancers on the main promenade to compete for your patronage. Join the jetsetters who moor their yachts along the marina and stroll in for a drink… 

April is all about Easter!

April 6-9         Easter

This year, come celebrate Easter twice and duel with Easter eggs!

April 6            - Orthodox Good Friday

April 8            - Orthodox Easter

April 9            - Orthodox Easter Monday

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A perfectly balanced hot spring, in terms of temperature, volume and mineral content (low sulfur and odor). Five main springs of highly mineralized water heated underground by the earth’s molten core emanate naturally ever minute and thousands of gallons of this perfect  thermal water flows throughout the resort, forming the Tabacon River. The underground streams of the Tabacon River are enriched mineral water hot springs which are reputed to have a number of therapeutic benefits. Minerals transfer from the water to the skin and bloodstream via osmosis. Cultures all over the globe turn to natural mineral-rich waters to treat a wide array of concerns.  From sinus issues, muscle and joint pain to cosmetic (skin clarity, psoriasis). Soaking in hot springs increases your blood flow, circulation, metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals. Sounds awesome so far, but wait—there’s more!


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Come Explore With Us

Hi! We’re Zen.

We make tours inspired by the people who travel with us: you.

In the novel covid era, can your trip be safe? Yes it can, just where we put the pin on the map for small intimate groups of trusted friends and family so you can stay together in your own little world everywhere you go. We recommend business class for your flights from our consolidators for safety comfort and the lowest fare. And the freedom to pick your own dates for your travel. Get in touch with us and we will take it from there: email us experience@zenrecreations.com

With Zen you’ll find 24/7 care, comfort, attention to detail, and enjoyment optimized for a real life adventure, painstakingly perfected to be worthy of your valuable time off.Sleep easy in guaranteed single accommodation - no sharing a room…ever,

Enjoy low or no single supplements,

We believe in value added, thoughtful venues, and enabling conversation (which is where it all starts). We don’t believe travel is just time spent in sight- seeing—it happens when you get involved.

Groups, singles, couples… we do it all. But we super love helping solo travelers have a blast with a bunch of other fun-seekers; we’re matchmakers just for travel!

Invite your friends, in return for bringing us a new customer, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase with us!

So if you’re on your own this summer, it’s not too late to make a smashing travel success come together – not at all! We know how to sculpt a perfect and treasure-filled trip overnight, so get with us. We’ll quickly have you set up for an excellent escape, put together just the way you want, from time alone to group fun. Take a 10-minute vacation in our primary destinations where every recommendation guarantees a positive customer experience. Shop at your own pace without having ads, pricing, and “buy now” pop-ups, that take away from this experience. Zen is where every recommendation guarantees a positive customer experience.

We’re old hands at providing 100% enjoyment with groups of solo travelers, especially in places you might not want to go alone, so scope out these fantastic travel ideas:

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Festivals in June

The days and nights resound with performances, music events and entertaining programs. Night clubs even post go-go dancers on the main promenade to compete for your patronage. Join the jetsetters who moor their yachts along the marina and stroll in for a drink… 

Budva fest is summer’s traditional grand entry with performers in full regalia. The 9-th edition of “BUDVA FEST” was held from 1 to 5 June in Budva (Montenegro). Groups from Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey and Romania with more than 350 performers participated in the event. Kotor, Herceg Novi and Budva’s merriment continues until September, with singing and dancing folklore and choir musical events.

Check out the live videos of Kotor knights in armor Sunday July 1-2018

If you wish to stay informed of the next EU festival near by, you will find it here.


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Festivals in July

Summer Awesomeness = Montenegro in July!

There is something for everybody in Montenegro’s July calendar; the abundant schedule keeps going into August and September without stopping and touches on subjects from fun, theater and music to science, culture and architecture.

June 28 – August 13
The Old Town (Stari Grad) The Kotor Art festival is a long-running event of national importance composed of several parts.

More than 100 events are lined up, often taking place in churches and varied concert venues; more than 20 venues in all.

A central feature of the festival is Kotor’s Festival of Theater for Children. In addition to music and performances, the festival even includes an architectural conference and workshop plus a three-day festival of philosophy! The Philosopher’s Square event (July 24th – 27th) will focus this year on “Apocalypse Now” in various formats.

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Costa Rica produces less than 1% of the world’s coffee, yet Starbucks went out of their collective way to set up a company-owned 600-acre coffee farm there. Maybe this is a sign of coffee arrogance, but it seems more likely that the (somewhat experienced) folks at Starbucks know a good thing when they smell it.

Although there are several clearly separate Costa Rican growing regions, for the most part these distinctions don’t make it to the front counter of coffee shops and don’t make it onto a label. There are some exceptions for the Tarrazu snob, maybe, but mostly it’s “Costa Rican Blend” or some such title on the package.

Just as “French Roast” or “Chai Latte” evoke thoughts of extremely bold or spiced addictions, Costa Rican coffee paints a particular taste picture for fans, often requiring specialized vocab. Generally, Costa Rican coffee is highly acidic and very intensely flavorful. While each region is certainly different (and even specific farm varieties stand alone), Costa Rican coffees are referred to as having a “heavy” or “thick” body, and being “creamy”.

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Perk up for an extra-special Christmas celebration, including a chance to tour for FREE! Claim your chance a free 8-day VIP tour of Montenegro, just by entering a contest.

If you’re looking for an amazing Christmas road trip, start right now!  (and don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a completely free holiday travel package.)

Come celebrate the holidays with Zen and we’ll make this Christmas and New Years your best ever!

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To counterbalance the relaxing parts of your trip, Montenegro offers plenty of outdoor fun, including abundant chances to get more than slightly wet. Jet ski, schmet ski,we’re talking about getting as wet as you can possibly get by taking a big dip under the water!

Even if you’re new to SCUBA diving, we’ll strap some air on your back and (safely and expertly) guide you to some sites and sights few people get to see.

These guided instructor-led trips where you do NOT have to be a certified diver are for SCUBA newbies and experienced divers alike —let’s go!

You can expect to see rays of sunlight shooting through the water, majestic kelp forests, colorful fish and an ocean floor full of fascinating creatures—all the stuff that landlubbers never get to see. As you glide over the bottom you can expect to play Peek-a-Boo with fish darting around the rocks and watch anemones waving to you with a zillion arms.

Want to see critters that look like they were designed by a color-mad fashion guru? Fish will certainly fascinate with lively colors not found on land animals and anemones are usually interesting balls of color, but there’s more…

Nudibranch, anyone? Pink, yellow, purple and amazing shades of blue! Like snails without a shell, these “sea slugs” crawl about on the bottom but you might also see some kinds swim by, waving their entire bodies slowly through the water.

In these waters, too, we’re fortunate to have dolphins  and  playful Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus monachus), some of whom come to visitors like a group greeting committee. Dozens of them will sometimes whizz by our group to say hello.

Whether you’re and experienced diver or a total noob, call some friends, plan your trip and explore our gigantic parks under the sea. We’ll see you soon!


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The U.S. and European Union (EU) have different regulations and policies regarding delays and cancellations for passengers on flights to/from/within their respective countries. You’ll notice that air travel involving the EU offers more passenger protection than what’s available in the U.S.when you read through the U.S. and EU guidelines

Having a grasp of the DOT’s Fly Rights will help make your flight problems less painful. Image Credit: U.S. Department of Transportation

This article will outline when you’re entitled to compensation as a passenger, what rights you have, if you find yourself stranded at an airport with a canceled or delayed flight, here’s what you should know. If you choose to travel, you should get in line to speak with a gate agent to discuss your options and the status of the flight. So while you’re in line call the airline or online travel agency through which you booked your flight, some airlines offer compensation if the delay is their fault, such as if it’s caused by a mechanical or staffing issue, in case you can get help before reaching the gate agent. Airline agents have a fair amount of discretion, so you shouldn’t give up if the person you speak with isn’t receptive,hang up and call again.

If possible, try to book directly through the airline rather than through an online travel agency, dealing with an airline will be simpler and generally more efficient.Travel with only a carry-on if possible, so you can skip the check-in or baggage drop lines, which can often be very long.

Make sure you have all the necessary documentation required for travel, such as a negative Covid-19 test or proof of vaccination, which many countries require for entry.

What else do you need to know?  In addition to travel document and health requirements, the updated 26 July 2021 IATA Travel Centre can tell you more about your destination country. From applicable taxes to currency information and local customs regulations, your IATA Travel Centre is your one-stop shop for everything you need to know before you go.

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