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From the Wine School and our host 13.jul-Plantaže

Wine and bar tips from the professionals to help plan your next soirée. … If you’re hosting a party or event, here are some entertaining tips from our wine host.

The most memorable events are the get-togethers where the host has invested thought into small touches for the pleasure of his/her guests  … reaping a rich harvest of accolades and appreciation. If you’re hosting a party or event, here are some entertaining tips that will help make your guests feel pampered and keep you engaged with your guests.


What to buy and how much is enough?

Holding your event at a hotel or resort, the banquet manager has you covered and can advise you of how much alcohol you’ll need, as can caterers, consultants from event or liquor stores, or even a bartender helping you in your home. However if being unique is your style try our recommendations from our wine host who has won  Decanter World Wine Awards!

A quote from the makers of these awesome wines

“Of everything there is

Time is the most precious

And it should be devoted

To ones you love the most.

Our entire time

We devote to – wine.”

Enjoy the fun and challenges of organizing the event yourself? Here are some tips and tricks for the host.

  •  One drink per guest per hour
  • Two drinks per hour if guests are staying overnight or have prearranged transportation home.
  • Most people tend to drink less at afternoon receptions than they do during evening functions.
  • Be generous with your estimates and don’t run short.
  • Unopened bottles can be returned or left in a cool basement to age.
  • Nevertheless, check with your supplier in advance.

Having a sit-down dinner? Calculate two drinks per guest per hour to be on the safe side. Most people drink more with food.

What makes up “one drink”? Believe it or not, there actually is a standardized way of measuring “one drink.” In the United States, a standard drink is any drink that contains 0.6 fluid ounces (14 grams) of pure alcohol. One alcoholic drink is equivalent to one bottle of beer, five ounces of wine or two ounces of spirits or liqueurs. So, before stocking your bar there are some questions you should consider:

What to serve?

  • The type of celebration,
  •  Number of guests
  •  Your budget

What would be the ideal mix? The drink preferences of your guests: are they most likely to drink wine, spirits or non-alcoholic beverages? Older guests often prefer spirits while younger drinkers favor wine and spritzer.

A spritzer is a tall, chilled drink, usually made with white wine and carbonated water or sparkling mineral water. A good rule of thumb is three parts wine to one part club soda. … Pour wine into a wine glass filled with ice; top off with club soda and bitters. Garnish with an orange twist.

Sometimes even the alcohol aficionados will want to pace themselves with some non-alcoholic beverages such as sparkling water and fruit juice. For all the young ones provide a non-alcoholic punch and soft drinks as well as milk for any children attending.

Serving wines from one country or vintage can give your party a more interesting festive theme. At large gatherings, a magnum of Champagne or wine is visually dramatic on the table, because at 1.5 liters it is twice the size of the standard 750 mL bottle. Magnums also make toasts feel more communal with everyone taking a glass from the same bottle. And for these occasions, Plantaže have created a sparkling wine Montenegrin Val,a blend of autochthonous variety Montenegrin Krstač, with the world famous grape variety Chardonnay, from the largest vineyard in one complex in Europe. Val is produced by the traditional method of secondary fermentation in the bottle, making it one of the world’s top sparkling wine.

Offering a fruit punch or mulled cider before the meal will cost less than a full bar and will stretch the alcohol further.

At a party held at a resort or other rented space, ask if you can purchase your own wines and pay a corkage fee for the staff to open and serve the wine. If you have your own special occasion permit, it can cost less than selecting the resort’s offerings.

Stocking the bar

To  please several generations at a time you can offer retro favorites such as Martinis, Manhattans, Cosmopolitans and Sidecars. With several bartenders’ favorite mixes to choose from, make your list according to your budget. Consider “speed rail” essentials, the most popular spirits that professional bartenders keep out front, which are gin, rum, rye, scotch, and vodka. The standard 1.14 L bottle of each will usually be plenty, except for larger parties or those where most of the guests will be drinking spirits.

Also, have on hand a “house wine,” the drink for guests without a preference. It’s a good idea to consider stocking about twice as much of this drink as the others; a popular favorite would be Vranac.

With beer, stock an equal mix of domestic, imported and light labels.

The wine selection

The current trend is that many people serve wine for all occasions, be it sparkling, red or white. At receptions, sparkling wine or Champagne works well for toasts and throughout a meal. A 750 mL bottle will give you five generous flute glass servings. An equal mix of red and white wines would be good if you are not sure of the preferences. A rule of thumb is 5 glasses or wine from a 750mL bottle.

Check our wine and food list to pair the food with the right wine.

The etiquette of giving and receiving wine

Be a thoughtful guest and call ahead of time to see what you can contribute to the party. Ask the preference – red or white – or they may prefer a dish, condiment or flowers instead. Knowing which dishes will be served and what to expect will help you make a wise decision. With this information, you’ll avoid getting something that your host buys and wasting time duplicating a wine. Or take a gift, something special for your host’s cellar.


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