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Will it be Tequila or Mescal Tonight?
Essential knowledge for the wise traveler

Here’s a taste bud adventure that’ll get you into “exotic travel mode” at home:  Smoky mescal, fresh grapefruit juice and Cocchi Americano blended into Mexican bliss! (This road-wise drink was invented by Scott Baird, senior mixologist for the Comal restaurant in Berkeley. Cocchi Americano is a sweet Italian aperitif wine you should be able to find locally.)

Do You Have the Spirit of a Traveler or Total Couch Potato?

So, are you a little bit of a risk-taker for the sake of adventure? You can be fairly sure of what you’ll get with tequila because it is highly regulated, but a sample of mescal is like taking a little walk on the wild side! (Mescal can be made with many different kinds of agave while tequila can only be made with one.)

The Difference Between Tequila and Mescal

While tequila and mescal both come from agave, not all mescals are tequilas.

Tequila is only made from one kind of agave and cannot be made elsewhere by law(!) Tequila is made in five official regions of Mexico, including the area around the town of Tequila: Michoacán, Guanajuato, Nayarit, Tamaulipas and Jalisco.

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