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The Embassy International Riding School has several programs to introduce the equestrian world to kids, as well as top-notch support for riders of all ages.

If the goal is to get away from it all, the riding school is an excellent and stress free destination. Set on 240 acres, the school is well-equipped with guest rooms, on-site restaurant and activities for all ages and all skill levels. Just a few miles from the city life of Bangalore, the school has long been a premier equestrian destination for locals, expats and travelers alike. 

A trip into the city for shopping and dining is always an option for travelers seeking a bigger experience, and the school serves as a good base of operations. (As a nice side benefit, the Embassy campus is not far from the international airport; there is never a need to deal with the city.)

Embassy Riding School is a wonderful introduction to horsemanship for new riders and a great resource for kids who want more.  During the day, the school is abuzz with horse-related activity for riders, instructors and students, adults and kids alike. The school hosts dressage and jumping competitions throughout the year, so preparations and practice are always under way. 

Parents will see their new lead reign riders confidently trot with a caretaker running by their side, or watch their more experienced students preparing for the big talent show. (Each class ends with a talent show where students can showcase their new skills.)

The riding school is well equipped, with more than three dozen horses and twenty two ponies. (All the horses and ponies are well-suited for student riding and are well-trained, of course, so you can be assured a good mount for your young equestrians!)  The school can handle more than 100 horses for large events and features three dressage arenas, a large show-jumping arena, two enclosed school arenas, warm up area, trails, barns and fenced paddocks. 

All told, this equestrian getaway is a doorway to fun, learning and relaxation whether you’re looking to peek into the heart of India or just enjoy a horse- and pony-filled vacation. Give us a shout to find out more and book your family’s equine escape!

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The EIRS equestrian program recognizes the importance of horses for many students and provides a range of expert training and guidance.

Or, if you just want to overcome a bad experience, our training staff can help you reach your riding goals. Lessons include everything from riding and groundwork to grooming.

The facility is well-regarded in the industry with stalls, jumping courses, and show facilities with a long tradition as one of the premiere equestrian schools in India.Learn more about “Beginner Equestrian Skills”, which is of particular significance for the expatriate and an exclusive promotion for EIRS from Bavaria -Germany, send your inquiry Contact 

Bavaria is both a top-tier business location as well as one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit.

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