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India’s premier horse riding school, run according to British Horse Society (BHS)standards. Embassy Riding Schools runs residential riding camps for children aged seven to 17 in school holidays, weekends including public holidays.The facility is well-regarded in the industry with stalls, jumping courses, and show facilities with a long tradition as one of the premiere equestrian schools in India.The Embassy school (EIRS) has been committed to nurturing new talent and developing equestrian sports from their base in Bangalore, India since 1996. Fouaad Mirza Makes Equestrian History for India in the Asiad 2018 games in Jakarta.
Indian Team Takes Second, Embassy International School Shares the Glory!

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 Beginning Horse Riding 

Package cost – 1600 $ per person


  • 12 group lessons
  • 6 Stable management sessions
  • Includes accommodation and food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) for 8 days
  • Airport Transfers

** Food for additional person will be 350 $ per person for eight days.
      Extra Mattress – 220 $ for 8 days.

These programs will fascinate and encourage students looking to improve their equine skills! The courses are comprehensive and detailed, and tests set a standard for good basic training in all aspects of horsemanship. Riders will achieve a strong base of knowledge and skill and will be well prepared to progress to more advanced skills.

Cradle of Champions

Facebook live streams:- The very best riders are the very best riders not because they are great athletes, but because they are great artists.

                                       In house show at the riding school for semi beginners to boost their confidence lever for the big league.

                                       Lead rein rider

                                      In house show at the riding school for semi beginners to boost their confidence lever for the big league



Lead Rein (Takes about 8 to 10 hours)

An introduction to the wonderful world of horses and ponies where children build up their confidence around ponies.  Lessons are fun and full of games to help kids develop their balance on horseback, with grooms leading for safety.

Lead Rein Skills

  • Recognition of basic riding terms such as “halt”, “walk”, “reins”, etc.
  • Understanding safety
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Learning rising trot and walking
  • Learning balance when working with and without reins in walk and rising trot
  • Learning good coordination between horse and rider


GRADE 1 (Takes   about 10 to 12 hours)

Package cost – 1750 $ per person


  • 12 group lessons
  • 6 Stable management sessions
  • Includes accommodation and food (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) for 8 days
  • Airport Transfers

** Food for additional person will be 350 $ per person for eight days.
      Extra Mattress – 220 $ for 8 days.

In this course, children and adult students are off the lead rein for both walk and trot. Time is spent improving their seat for a more balanced position and better horse control.  This course also provides a solid basic understanding of how to care for your pony.  We also learn the basic green cross code for riding on the road.

Riding Skills

  • Learn the pre-riding checks and how to use a leg up for mount and dismount.
  • Know the pony must stand still while mounting.
  • Making the pony stand still while being mounted.
  • Sit in a safe and reasonably secure position in the saddle.
  • Know how to keep a safe distance when riding with others.
  • Learning control while riding off the lead rein; making controlled transitions from halt to walk, walk to trot, then reversing from trot to walk and walk to halt in a straight line.
  • Be able to hold, shorten and lengthen reins.
  • Independently ride at a walk while with other riders at other paces
  • Make changes of rein and circles in walk
  • Simple exercises

Horsemastership Skills

  • Approaching a pony and giving them a pat
  • Putting on and removing the Head Collar
  • Tying and untying a pony correctly
  • Know some colours and parts of the ponies
  • Checking the girth before mounting
  • Pulling down stirrups before mounting
  • Removing the saddle and putting it away correctly                                                                    
  • Making water available
  • Basic grooming
  • Basic needs of the pony in stable and at grass

Proper way to give a pony an apple or carrot.

From beginner EIRS pony saddle to career champion in the recent Asian games on August 26- 2018 In Jakarta

Fauaad’s early training at EIRS in 2012 with his horse Pollina,he also recived training with German Olympian Bettina Hoy in  Germany before the games


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Beginner Equestrian Skills is of particular significance for the expatriate community and an exclusive promotion for EIRS from Bavaria -Germany, send your inquiry Contact  by email.

The EIRS equestrian program recognizes the importance of horses for many students and provides a range of expert training and guidance .Or, if you just want to overcome a bad experience, our training staff can help you reach your riding goals. Lessons include everything from riding and groundwork to grooming.

Bavaria is both a top-tier business location as well as one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit.

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