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  Posted Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 6:36pm by Zen Recreations

Your Wedding in a Dream Location

Your wedding in a dream location can come true with Zen Recreations!

Everybody wants to be part of that unforgettable wedding abroad when love is in the air and covid -19 free!.

It offers a unique chance for friends and family to join in the fun, excitement, holiday and romance together. But so often couples refrain from taking that leap of faith because a wedding abroad can seem too difficult to manage or too heavy on the pocket. Things just got a whole lot easier. With a Zen Recreations events package we can do the work - customize your wedding and leave you and your friends and family to enjoy the moment!

A dream location for your wedding…

Perast, Montenegro is the perfect location to add splendor, ambience, wonder and a fairytale air to your special day. Your big day will be set in a tiny and charming European white-washed chapel and overseen by the beautiful azure Adriatic Sea and the wise snow-topped mountains.

Take a look at your future with our video.

At one with nature, and protected from the hurly-burley of the urban mixed up-world beyond, it has a capacity for 100 guests and is ideal for small parties. Get on board for your truly memorable #wedding-abroad!

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Highlights of the Wedding package

  • Accommodation booked in private Apartments and delightful Hotels
  • Flexibility provided for that last minute add-on guest
  • Our event management team offer expert planning advice travel and event coordination
  • We offer guests travel and accommodation logistics (negotiated room blocks/group rates) in line with your budget
  • Customized guest travel itineraries, as well as on site vendor coordination and management
  • Flexibility to increase the number of cruise lunch buffet guests from 10-250
  • Boat with built in bar for 50 + people
  • All administrative and bureaucratic arrangements are made in the shortest possible time locally, we recommend day time ceremonies in winter and evening ceremonies in summer
  • Every client and event is unique–we customize our services to fit your needs with unbeatable Perks!
  • Lots of ME time built in!

And take a look at just some of our special offers and that all important “F” word!

Special wedding-day offers for your big day

  • Consultation with no commitment - FREE
  • Wedding-day cruise boat scaled up from 10 to max 250 passengers - FREE
  • Pre-order and Paid buffet  served on your boat for 50+ peopleWith plenty of space to dance and celebrate!
  • Bottled water with buffet - FREE
  • Small army of professionals organizing the big day - FREE
  • Epic location with one of a kind view - FREE


Some top tips to ensure you don’t get caught out by those sticky rules

  • If you obtain your license the day before your wedding, you may not get it in time because some states have a three-day waiting period.
  • A common mess-up for those marrying for a second time is not bringing official divorce papers when you go to get the certificate.
  • If you’re marrying during a busy time and you don’t investigate hotel availability in advance, you can end up with literally not a single room for your guests to stay in!
  • Inviting the right amount of guests is always tough but it is a factor you need to sort out early. In most cases venues will find it difficult to accommodate extra people at the last minute venues. Analyze your guest list from the get-go, assume 80 percent will respond “yes,” and limit your guest list accordingly. Don’t forget at Zen Recreations we can add on flexibility for that last minute add-on guest.
  • Not forgetting your house of worship may perform ceremonies only on specific days, when do you settle on a date with your clergyman?

Zen recreations want to make sure nothing spoils your big day. Download our wedding planner cheat sheet for some extra tips

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